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Any alumni event is always an occasion for fond memories and remembering as we say "The Good Old Days". Time to get nostalgic and remember the fun and frolic. There could be nothing better to sum it "Old is Gold".

Today alumni's have grown from a loose association of former students who meet couple of times a year to remember old times. Alumni communities can be converted from past associates to lifetime affiliations through regular communication and interaction. They are now playing an active role in the development of their members and the institution.

To organize and inform all members of the events and activities is a task. Also there are always some who do not get information on time or are unable to make it and thus loose contact with friends and batch mates.

Is there some way we can

  • Keep everyone connected and build bonds afresh
  • Organize regular activities & inform everyone in advance
  • Those who miss it can still get event details and snaps

A well-structured website having a host of interactive features will serve as VIRTUAL ALUMNI OFFICE allowing you to do all the above and much more.

Having served prominent Alumni Associations since last so many years - we provide customized Alumni Solutions to suit all needs:

Ex - Student Bodies of Schools / Colleges
Ex - Employees (Corporate Alumni)

As part of our services along with designing and development, we also undertake site maintenance to help you keep the alumni site updated.

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