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To compete in today's e-business world, companies need to transform their business processes and infrastructure by integrating common business and technical elements.

Web technology can be used within large organizations to advance organization-wide strategic goals. At its heart, the true value of web technology lies not just in "putting your organization on the Internet map," but more importantly in improving communication between your organization and its employees, customers and suppliers.

In the most-basic terms, a corporate intranet is nothing more than Internet technology implemented across an internal business-computing network. This means running TCP/IP as the network protocol and providing any number of Internet services, from simple file, print, and mail services to newsgroups, chat areas, and the '"killer app'" - the Web, or HTTP services that made the Internet the burgeoning virtual Mecca it is today.

Intranets can help unblock the information flow, redesign business processes and improve productivity for all users.

Corporate Applications of Intranets

  • It costs six times more to sell to a new customer than to sell to the existing one
  • 70% of customers will do business with the company again if it quickly takes care of product quality and remarkable after sales services

Remember an old rule that 80% your sales might come from 20% of your customers. So customer retention has become an important factor to consider in today's net aged economy.

CSC offers a direct interface for customers to redress complaints and reviews to the company with minimum efforts. Complaint process is completely automated in a stipulated single format monitoring the turnaround time taken by company to resolve issues.

Product Features

  • Management Information Systems
  • Collaborative Workgroups / Interdepartmental Communication
  • Online Reference
  • Interactive Communication
  • Training
  • Customer Support

Advantages and Uses of Intranets

  • Real time info
  • Reduction of data transfer cost
  • Removal of duplication of efforts
  • Reduction in communication cost
  • Better synergy between various locations
  • Updated Sales / Marketing reports
  • Single legacy system
  • Online Training Sessions and materials
  • Sales Presentations
  • Product Specifications
  • Corporate policies and procedures
  • Company mission and goals
  • Searchable corporate phone directory
  • Project Information
  • Internal corporate announcements
  • Event scheduling
  • Annual Reports
  • It provides basic security for internal information
  • It is updateable easily
  • It can be configured as needed for company-wide, departmental or functional use
  • Users can develop content

According to IDC's Ian Campbell, "The key factors driving the adoption of Intranets are ease of use and administration with Web browsers, and relatively low costs, which yield high returns on investments."

In its recent '"Intranet Business Value: Return on Investment Analysis'" study, META Group found that 80 percent of the companies it surveyed generated a positive return on investment (ROI)-meaning that the quantifiable benefits of an intranet application exceeded the cost of the implementation-with an average annualised return of 38 percent. The metrics used vary with the application and the organization but translate into things such as '"paper saved'" or labour savings. META Group Senior Analyst Kip Martin, one of the study's authors, says that more than any other factor, tight integration is important. The closer an intranet application is tied to a line-of-business function (purchasing, for example), the higher the ROI.

According to The Burton Group's Lewis, "The corporate intranet is strategic when it becomes the enterprise platform for business. The intranet platform becomes part of the business, not just a tool."

Lewis defines the intranet platform as the three- (or n-) tier distributed-computing architecture, with a Web-browser client; a middle tier, the Web or application server; and the database server on the back end. The entire setup must be supported by directory, security, messaging, and other infrastructure services, he emphasizes.

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