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Elixir 360° offers manage hosting service on web servers based on the Windows / Linux Platforms. Because we focus solely on manage servers, we have been able to develop not only deep technical expertise in all aspects of monitoring and maintaining a server, we have also developed a number of tools and support documentation to troubleshoot any problems our customers may encounter.

We offer one of the most comprehensive dedicated server and manage services product line in the industry, from backup, network and security services, database service, as well as the monitoring and administration of your systems.

Elixir 360° offers many different manage Service Suites to meet any online presence's needs.

Administration Services

The high cost and substantial time investment required to recruit and train qualified engineers has prompted many customers to turn to Elixir 360° for reliable, expert administration of their crucial computer systems.

Backup Services

Elixir 360° offers a number of backup services to protect the valuable data on your servers. Our services range from simple tape swaps on your equipment to comprehensive backups on our backup jukebox systems.

Database Services

Elixir 360° offers MS SQL Server & Oracle DBA's can assist clients with everything from regular database maintenance to complex troubleshooting.

Monitoring Services

Elixir 360° customers have their servers monitored on a 1 minute basis on standard ports. In addition, we provide application monitoring - we check to not only make sure your HTTP server is working but that we can actually put up pages for your application. This is STANDARD with all dedicated and collocated accounts. We also provide additional availability and performance monitoring services for our clients.

Network Services

Elixir 360°offers advanced services such as server clustering, private networking, and gigabit Ethernet connections for high-end hosting needs. Management of switches, routers, load-balancers, and connectivity to Internet.

Security Services

Elixir 360°understands the security concerns many of our customers have. Our security services start with standard server auditing and virus protection and can include private firewalls and VPN systems as well as real-time intrusion detection systems customized to a systems specific needs.

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